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We look after most needs

Nervous Pets

We provide extra TLC for animals not used to kennels or generally of a nervous nature. We give a lot of thought to placing your pet in the most suitable position in our facilities to meet their specific needs.

Elderly Animals

We are happy to board elderly pets with special medical needs but would ask you to use your own discretion to determine whether your pet is healthy enough for the kennel environment.

Puppies and Kittens

It is generally a good idea to bring your puppy or kitten in for a short stay while they are still quite young and after they have had their vaccinations. They get spoilt rotten as we are all passionate animal people and it helps to make them confident boarders for the rest of their lives.

Pet boarding features




Private cattery and kennel units are available for nervous pets.

High fences

Our high fences will keep your dog safe and secure.

Your dog will exercise in our field but won't mix with other dogs.

All of our kennels have runs to give your dog more space.

Does your pet need medication? Do you have a nervous cat or dog? Is your dog aggressive to other dogs or people? Is he or she an escape artist? Or do you have an elderly or very young pet?


Whatever needs your pet has, they can stay with us.

Call today to plan the accommodation for your pet while you're on holiday: 01274 834 768

kitten inspecting a cat flap


We are happy to administer medications to any pet in our care at no extra charge. We are also happy to accommodate diabetics as long as the animal has a healthy appetite

Dog Aggressive Dogs

People Aggressive Dogs

We NEVER mix dogs unless they are from the same home either in the kennels or in the field. Our kennel designs offer much more privacy to your pet than many alternatives.


They cannot see the other dogs which is much less stressful for a dog with aggression issues.

We are happy to board difficult dogs but appreciate being warned of potential problems. We have a system in place to ensure that dogs which may bite are only handled by the kennel owners.


In extreme cases our kennels and runs are big enough that an owner can put their dog into the kennel themselves and collect it on return. We can clean and feed your dog without having to come into physical contact with it using our hatch and runs. However this is very rarely necessary and we can handle most animals.

Escape Artists

We have double doors and high fencing everywhere to ensure we are as secure as possible.

Special needs

Do you have pets who struggle to get on with other humans?