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Pet shop in Bradford

Our specialties

- Veterinary fleece: any size

- Dog toys: including Tuffy's toys

- Dogmatic head collars

- Lupine dog leads and collars:

 guaranteed, even when chewed

- Arden Grange and Burns pet food

What you can get

- Beds and bedding

- Dog leads and collars

- Dog treats and cat treats

- Litter

- Behavioural aids

- Crates and much more

Quality service

We love pets so we only stock the best quality products. Plus we offer a high quality service. Our team is available to give you advice and if you can't find the item you're looking for we'll source it for you.

Home away from home




Look after your pet with our grooming service.


Book your dog into our kennels when you're going on holiday.

Your cat can stay with us too in our modern and hygienic cattery.

Doggy daycare means your dog doesn't have to be home alone.

You can get everything you need for your pet at the Morton Villa pet shop. This includes high quality pet food, cat and dog treats, dog leads, toys, and much more.

If you need pet supplies you should call 01274 834 768

a chihuahua and female owner  choose a new lead